Sir David Attenborough

In the recent Wild Isles programme, David Attenborough references biodiversity loss – a third of birds and a quarter of mammals are at risk from extinction and our flying insect numbers have declined by 60% in just the last 20 years.

We can hear these statements spoken, but what if we could really hear them?  Our year seven students will enable you to hear this in their biodiversity event, showing the huge loss in harmonies when a third of those representing birds stop singing, a quarter of mammals and sixty percent of insects.  The loss in harmonies will be a visceral analogy for the loss of biodiversity.  The choreography for the event will also represent biodiversity loss and how powerful students can be if they work together to improve biodiversity in their community.

Sir David Attenborough wrote about this saying ‘the way you have devised representing species loss in music sounds most affecting’.

Look out for the music video of this event coming soon!

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