Our urgent global challenge requires a multidisciplinary call to action – artists, scientists, technologists, lawyers, linguists, economists, a diversity of communities and citizens of the planet to imagine radical new ways of living.

This needs a new type of collaborative space for people to come together around this challenge, putting the next generation and their voice at the heart of what we do.

The imaginative potential of young people is enormous. While we must not leave the burden solely at their door, they are desperate to have agency in designing their futures.

Our students deserve opportunities to have their ideas taken seriously and their voices heard.

We will embody diversity at every level, with an inclusive working culture.

Find your voice
The Marlowe Theatre

We hosted a practical research drama workshop with project directors from The Marlowe in the Spring term to share with a group of our students this opportunity to bring their voices to the stage in a new play to be performed at the Marlowe Theatre at the end of August.

This is called The Trials Project. Our students explored how theatre is a powerful way to communicate urgent messages about climate change and our environment. Many of our students from year 9 to year 12 auditioned to take part in the final production with a programme of rehearsals throughout the summer holidays working with professional theatre-makers.

Working closely with our partner organisations we can host many more outreach workshops and performances with a space where we can accommodate more students from across the region- especially those who would not otherwise have access to these opportunities.

This can provide a vital link for our young people to connect with artists and theatre-makers with innovative, practical ways to engage and inspire school students.

In June at the Encompass Festival, students from sciences, drama, music, art, design technology and textiles will be voicing their experiences, sharing their views on research and how the Encompass vision is already making difference to their education & offering them new opportunities.


We are embedding innovative critical thinking for youth around modelling future systems. Our year 12 students take part in genuine research projects working with academic support from the Universities.


Acknowledging the interplay between the wellbeing of humans and our planet - creating and spending time in more biodiverse learning environments will benefit the wellbeing of students and their local environment.


We collaborate across Kent with environment, biodiversity and climate groups as well as with the Canterbury Festival, local companies, language and culture partnerships  creating opportunities for young people and communities.