We collaborate across Kent with environment, biodiversity and climate groups as well as with the Canterbury Festival, local companies, language and culture partnerships, all creating opportunities for young people and communities.

Our vision is to be an international hub to support and empower youth and communities in our Encompass space which will allow conferences and collaboration on a global scale.

Encompass exists to allow for collaboration and opportunity across communities. Collaboration is key to growing in an ever-changing world -sharing ideas and by extension, improving ideas.

We firmly believe that if you give young people the opportunity to create or improve, they take it and will always do something new and amazing with it. They have no pre-set limitations, responsibilities, or ideologies. They can think outside the box, as the box does not necessarily exist for them. Further to this, The Encompass project encourages the arts, languages, and sciences to work together collaboratively in a rich community to improve how knowledge is communicated.


Our urgent global challenge requires a multidisciplinary call to action which needs a new type of collaborative space for people to come together, putting the next generation and their voice at the heart of what we do.


We are embedding innovative critical thinking for youth around modelling future systems. Our year 12 students take part in genuine research projects working with academic support from the Universities.


Acknowledging the interplay between the wellbeing of humans and our planet - creating and spending time in more biodiverse learning environments will benefit the wellbeing of students and their local environment.